Our years of experience have enabled us to develop the following key strengths from which our clients benefit:

  • Anticipating your financial needs and providing relevant solutions
  • Providing tools and ideas on how to grow your business
  • Managing and minimizing your tax and other financial risks
  • Investing surplus cash flow to build wealth through sound investment advice
  • Communicating with you about your financial affairs in a way you understand

What we do at Parfitt's is focus on your future as well as your current profit and financial position. We understand the importance of designing, planning, forecasting and setting goals to keep businesses and individuals financially on track. Our role is to help you clarify and then achieve your goals. Like building, this is a step-by-step process that leads to a sustainable future with you having much greater control.

We also understand that growing profitability, managing risk and maximizing after tax cash flow are the keys to financial success. Put simply, we help our clients build their business profitability and cash flow; we manage their tax obligations to maximize their retained profit and we help them invest this cash to create independent income streams.